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This music was originally released in 2000.

In 2015, Nicholas T. Petersen mastered the album for the first time.

Except for track 8, which was recorded at Pachyderm, All and Sundry recorded this album on a cassette Tascam 688 Midistudio in 1999. We then took the Tascam to Pachyderm studio in Cannon Falls, MN to mix it down. We had only enough money to pay for one day, so we had to do it all in under 24 hours. Neil Weir was engineering, and we kept him up all night long. The results from Pachyderm were the end results for the album which has been floating around from 2000-2015. We made about 50, maybe 100 CDs which we gave away to friends and family.

Thank you to Nick for mastering the album properly for the first time.

A document of lyrics and a superfluous number of photographs of All and Sundry are included when one downloads the album.

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released September 1, 2000

Nick Petersen - Bass
Joshua Harvey (Patrick) - Guitar, Vocals
Tonya Taylor - Violin and Viola, Backing Vocals on Tracks 3 and 6
Nick Engelhart - Drums
Keith Bellows - Guitar

Mixing: Neil Weir
Recording (Track 8): Bob DeMaa



all rights reserved


All and Sundry Rice Lake, Wisconsin

All and Sundry began playing in 1997 and was based in Rice Lake, Wisconsin below a shoe shop on Messenger Street. The band played shows in Eau Claire, Superior, Rice Lake, Prairie Farm, Chippewa Falls, and Minneapolis before splitting up in 2001.

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Track Name: Beautiful Mess
He’s sitting in the fire because is body is cold
because his needs have been shot down since the day he was born.
The fire is burning bright but on his face is not a frown.

She’s walking on the water because her feet are in flames
because she shot all her emotions out the end of her legs.
The wind is picking up now, and I think that she’s going to drown.

Drown way out.

Sitting in your bedroom drinking down the next day’s sight taste smell and sound
Man, I can tell you that will only take you so far.
Choice, time, mind agitation.
Every second holds a new vacation.
Backward sophistication takes me so far

So far, so far away.
So far, this beautiful mess has been made wrong.
Track Name: 1000 Chameleons
The first wave breaks on your head.
You’re tired, but you swim on instead.
You left your three-piece suit at home with your greed.
You say, “This is it! This is it! All that I need.”

And you fake it all the time.
Your twisted mental crime.

I thought I’d go skinny-dipping in your head,
but I got attacked by 1000 chameleons instead.
They perched themselves on top of the damn
where they would protect you from all naked men.

And you fake it all the time.
Your twisted mental crime.
Track Name: Only in Hopes that I could Remind
The factory workers have long since recovered from
dangerous confessions of lesbian lovers that they accept.

The cops and the hunters all lay in the park
playing board games called “Innocence” and “Old Noah’s Ark”
with their bullets as game pieces.

The gentle and subdued all picket the streets
holding hologram images of war and defeat
that are fading fast for all to see.

And all the newspapers are bearing blank pages
and there are no more screens bouncing light off people’s faces.

Paradise isn’t lost; It’s just a matter of getting there.
Quit trying to run from yourself; let me tie this knot in your hair.
Only in hopes that I could remind.

You can’t see the sky with your face down.
This mesmerizing parade of time will succeed and divide.
Withering, headstrong, I am a disguise.
The costume is slowly fading, but the inside is all right.

Paradise isn’t lost; It’s just a matter of getting there.
Quit trying to run from yourself; let me tie this knot in your hair.
Only in hopes that I could remind.
Track Name: Upgrade Inward Meltdown Move Up
Just what are you running from?
Your cold staring eyes; there’s something wrong.
It makes me sick: how you cover your ass.
This point of view is fading fast.

Let it melt. Let it melt you.
The other side will start to smell you.
Let this melt. Let it melt you.
Close your eyes.
What’s it tell you?
Track Name: The Fields
Down by the creek, we would meet.
We would play.
I’ll tell you what we found,
Dead and buried in the ground:
Arthur was his name.

We threw him in the fishing hole
and readied up our poles to try and catch his old age.
The oldest got the first bite.
He pulled with all his might.
Arthur opened his eyes.
He saw the sky and raised his head.
He softly spoke; he said,
“Boys, do you like to skip rocks?”
He threw one and said “life’s begun!”
It skipped a couple of times.
Then it dropped; that life had died.

I sat in the hollow tree,
and I carved my name in its belly.
I will not fail. I will set sail.
And live on after me. After me.

Now that we’re old, and our fishing poles are sold,
so the search is on, days in and days gone.

For that precious line that transcends time
and gives life to those that are young.

The fields where the small ones play.
The fields. The old has gone astray.

Can I close my mind tight enough to play in the fields?
Can I open my heart wide enough to play in the fields?
Track Name: Salisbury Moon
When the salisbury moon lays down,
the sky is really underground,
the wind is really the ocean’s eyes,
and it’s drifting through all of mankind’s lies

Now someone’s going to die.
We are.
Who is going to die?
We are.
Track Name: The Fossils and the Mimes
It’s all how much I’m willing to explain.
My mind crushes my words;
I’m on another plain,
and I don’t think that I am ready to leave,
and I don’t think that I’ll get down on my knees.

But don’t get me wrong.
I’ve still got someone I owe the world to.
That someone is me.

These assholes cough up snot and spit it on themselves.
This whole self-image craze is way too physical.
I’ll run around this place all wrapped in dental floss,
and try and unwind myself and lose at all costs.

But don’t get me wrong.
Losing isn’t something that I’m scared of.
That’s how you know.
That’s how you grow.

The morning sky,
it floats away again.
The fossils and the mimes tell secret rhymes.
Track Name: Mother Nature's Mercy
Now there’s a fucking hole in the sky.
Raping, war, starve, die
we don’t mind.
Ya, we will stand like a stake in the ground
and make no sound.
Well, I suppose you think that I whine.
I resign.

After that stake is set,
light another cigarette
and complain about the weather.
Track Name: Monsoon
It can be so warm,
like a summer’s storm.
It can be so cold
as I’m getting older.

I can’t see forever.
Childhood, mild endeavor.

Another setting sun.
And ours is not the only one.
The only one with watchers.
Consider, if you will.
A different race of violent, mediocre man
watching from a distance.
They’re glad that they’re not with us
on this little ball.

(it keeps spinning round, if you stop to hear the sound)
It keeps spinning.
The more I chase this void, the more it runs.
Track Name: Put a Lemon in My Cola
You’ve got all this time to spare,
and I’ve got no time to lose.
This materialistic bullshit and that’s doing what you chose to.

Well, I ain’t got no money but I’m richer than their ever be.
I’ll put a lemon in my cola and I might as well be king.
But that ain’t what it’s all about, baby, it’s about being free.

What do you got to lose?
What do you got to lose?

All this time I’ve wondered why I don’t know how to live
when reality demands we’ve all got to die.
I ain’t got no money but I’m richer than their ever be.
I’ll put a lemon in my cola and I might as well be king.
But that ain’t what it’s all about, baby, it’s about being free.
Track Name: Underneath the Tire Swing
Of all the days lost to folded skin.
This long awaited cane to drag me in.
And off of stage and far away from time
ageless embrace, my body to my mind.

my eyes were full of black.
I felt like I was dreaming
with ten minds that were not sleeping.

from the crumbing side of the well,
rustling under branches,
lone streams of drying dreams.

Lay down where the trickle meets the river
and dig your feet in the sand.
I know this is our only chance to be going.

Then, as you look back across the way,
the tainted wave approaches
as you stand up into the breeze.

We built a ship out of armadillo shells,
and as we all set sail in the wishing well,
the stars began to fall,
but they were trapped in time.
Trapped in time, love.

I wish I was
maybe then I’d see you crying.
I wish I was around to see
you crying.

So you got sixty years in one day,
and you don’t know where to put it away.
So, throw it in your heart.
Throw it away.
Throw it in your heart.
Throw it away.

I wash myself in these waning memories.
As the fluid starts to rise,
and comes seeping through my eyes.
I’d drown us all underneath the tire swing.

Track Name: When the Sky Was Fucked
When the sky was fucked,
I looked up and around
and all the white trash sings,
and I dance to the sound.

Trust in me.
I’ll show you who I really am.
Rotten teeth, points of view, confused and bland.

Circumstances prove the bleeding won’t retire.
My blood drips to the ground and starts a forest fire.

The boy is sick.
His mind a trick, his life a scam.
A falling star, a gunshot scar, and we breathe again.

I climbed the tower looking at the crazy sky.
I know I’ll fall in you because I’m so high.

I found you hurt
I brought you up, I let you down.
The heavens glow and my mind moves slow.
I hit the ground.
Track Name: But Once in a While
These hollow eyes.
To vacant to see.
They clamor about these lives
In a soulless repeating dream.

These withered ears.
To distracted to hear.
They clamor about these lives
waiting for their god to speak.

and they drown.
and they drown.
and I

Waiting for the anger’s end.
Forfeit the win.

Why do you criticize the ground under your feet
while your breathing the air?
(you could at least wait ‘till you’re dead)

Why do you vocalize and tie yourself to your words
when they’re not really there?
(you could at least paint them red)

But once in a while.
But once in a while,
Your blood flows true.
Your eyes will open for you.

But once in a while.